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DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN Children's dental care (Pedodontic Dentistry) Pedodontic dentistry is a dental speciality that focuses on providing preventive and therapeutic oral health care to infants and children.

Special approaches are required to guide dental growth and development during a child's "growth" phase in order to avoid future dental problems.

Conditions for pedodontics are as follows, Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (Nursing Bottle Caries): This is a dental condition in which many or all of an infant's or child's baby teeth decay rapidly.

Root Canal Treatment in Milk Teeth:
In cases where tooth decay has progressed to the nerve portion of the tooth, a root canal procedure similar to that described for permanent teeth may be required.

Space Maintainers:
A space maintainer is a portable or fixed appliance that is used to keep an existing space in good condition.

Fluoride application:
Due to a lack of brushing dexterity, a child's teeth are more prone to decay. Fluoride varnishes are applied at regular intervals to strengthen the tooth structure by incorporating fluoride ions into it, making it more resistant to acid dissolution. Fluoride treatment is beneficial not only to permanent teeth but also to milk teeth.

Children's oral habits:
Thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, lip biting, tooth grinding, and nail-biting are all common oral habits seen in children.

Pedodontic dentists also have special training that helps them communicate with children and help them feel confident while receiving dental care.

Dr Arpitha Kotha and her team offer friendly and gentle care for children. They answer questions and explain what they’re doing in a way your child can understand.

Dr Arpitha Kotha and her team want your child to have excellent dental health and grow up without fear of the dentist.

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