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Expert in dentures

Dentures are worn to replace missing teeth. They are made of strong, long-lasting plastic and are supported by hard and soft tissues.

Dentures are used to replace lost tooth. They are made from highly durable strong plastic and supported by hard and soft tissues. Dentures help fulfil tooth functionality and even help in chewing food.

When you lose a few or all teeth and find it difficult to eat food, speak, or are concerned about the aesthetics of the face, visit Signature Smiles Dental Clinic.

Dentures help restore tooth functionality and even aid in food chewing.

Your denture options/types include: Metal framework partial dentures
Acrylic partial dentures
Dental implants and crowns
Denture relines
Soft denture liners
Implant-supported dentures

Dr. Arpitha Kotha expert cosmetic dentists and licenced denturist offer a wide range of treatment options for patients of all ages.

From the initial consultation to the first denture fitting, as well as denture relining and repairs, you can rely on this expert team to provide the best services.

Dr. Arpitha Kotha will examine and evaluate the health of your gums and the underlying supporting bone structure to determine if you are the right candidate for dentures.

Post evaluation, Dr. Arpitha Kotha will suggest the right type of dentures for you based on the condition of your alveolar ridges (the bone structure visible in your mouth covered by gums).

Once you agree for dentures that are suggested, impressions or measurements are taken, and from those impressions a mould or a cast are made.

Dr. Arpitha Kotha is here to help you with your questions and restore your smile.Find out more about dentures in your area today.

Being an experienced and skilled dentist, she will educate you on how to take care of your dentures.

Call or book your dental consultation today.

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