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 Laser Dental Treatment

Laser therapy refers to dental laser procedures. It gained popularity in the last decade after debuting in the late 1980s.

Laser therapy allows patients to undergo complex surgical procedures quickly, effectively, and virtually painlessly. The laser therapy tools are strong enough to cut tooth enamel and gums.

Laser treatment is used to treat issues such as:
  • Gum disease & Cavities
  • Peri-Implant disease
  • Tooth sensitivity

  • Procedures performed with Laser Therapy are:
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Dental implant repair
  • Cavity preparation
  • Root canal
  • Smile design

  • Laser therapy may also help if you need to have gum or bone tissue replaced surgically. Your dentist examines your mouth, records your dental history, and asks about your symptoms and lifestyle.Then your dentist begins your treatment plan.

    Laser therapy does not require local anaesthesia. With precision, lasers reduce bruising, pain and swelling. After laser therapy, you can resume normal activities.

    Signature Smiles Dental Clinic offers a wide range of laser treatments. Using laser dentistry Dr. Arpitha Kotha reduces the need for anaesthesia, causes minimal pain, and bleeding and reduces healing time.

    The doctor ensures that spend less time in the dental chair and have a more pleasant dental treatment with more predictable results.

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