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Scaling and Polishing

In order to prevent dental diseases, scaling and polishing are very common dental procedures. The procedure involves cleaning teeth, both above and below the gum line, where your toothbrush cannot reach.

Plaque and calculus are removed by scaling (the white or yellow hard deposits that accumulate on your teeth and are not removable by routine brushing). Polishing removes stains and small particles of calculus.

This is a customised scaling and polishing procedure. To reduce pain, a local anaesthetic is applied to the gums and teeth.

Dr. Arpitha Kotha then uses an ultrasonic instrument to loosen the larger deposits. During the procedure, the instrument emits a cooling mist of water to wash away debris. Spitting may be required to expel deposits.

After removing the large deposits, the dentist switches to hand scalers, which give the dentist more control and can reach deeper areas than the ultrasonic instrument. They also dislodge smaller deposits, particularly between teeth.

Dr. Arpitha Kotha then polishes a handpiece with a soft rubber cup. The fluoride paste is then placed on the rubber cup. She then smooths the freshly cleaned areas with the hand piece.

Dr. Arpitha Kotha has treated thousands of patients with scaling and polishing, giving them healthy and beautiful teeth. Make an appointment now for more information.

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